There are so many different watches out there and although there are others that are
known for their impeccable accuracy, there are those that marry both style and

For instance, you might have come across Quartz watches and mechanical watches
and you might not know the difference. Well, they are basically differentiated by their
watch movements, with the former being the more accurate one and the latter, not so
much (at least when compared to their counterparts).

Quartz watches are timepieces that operate using a single-cell battery. It is the more
accurate of the two in that it only loses (or speeds up) 4 seconds of the time you use the

Conversely, mechanical watches may lose 4-6 seconds every day, but why are people
still buying them even though they are not as accurate and as inexpensive as their
Quartz watch counterparts?

In this article, I will go over the reasons why people should still buy mechanical watches
even though they are more expensive than others.

Why People Still Buy Mechanical Watches

There are plenty of reasons why people still spend thousands of dollars on a more
inaccurate timepiece than one that is inexpensive and yet keeps track of time in the
most accurate way possible. Here are some reasons:

1. They Take You Back to Where It All Began

Mechanical watches are actually quite old. They’ve been around for nearly a century
now and they used to be made in a time where technology was not that refined.
You could say that mechanical watches are outdated technology, but it is also precisely
for that reason why a lot of people are willing to shell out a lot of money.
It takes them back to the watch’s roots. You could say that it is more nostalgia than

2. They Help Increase Your Appreciation for Watches

Mechanical watches do a really good job of helping increase your appreciation for
wristwatches. Despite it being more inaccurate than their more inexpensive Quartz
watch counterparts, the way they tell time speaks volumes.

I know that mechanical watches are kind of impractical, but wearing one will help you
wear a piece of history.

3. Two Different Types

There are two types of mechanical watches: The Manual and the Automatic. The first
mechanical watches are powered by a mechanical metal coil known as the mainspring
and for it to continuously tell the time, the user has to wind it down often.

Because of how impractical it can be for most users, watchmaking companies have
made an automatic version of it in that it still uses a mainspring but they’ve added a self-
winding mechanism that helps power the watch using your natural movement as it helps
create kinetic energy.

4. They Just Look Cool

One of the criticisms of Quartz watches is that its second-hand movement is not at all
appealing to look at. Sure, it is more accurate in telling the time, but if you look at your
timepiece because you are bored or something, it is not really a sight that you want to
look at for prolonged periods of time.

Mechanical watches are characterized by their smooth second-hand movements which
also makes them look cooler than the aforementioned watch type.