PUBG Introductory and Background Stories/History 

PUBG or better known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is an online war game developed by South Korea-based company named Bluehole. It is now operated by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of Bluehole.

PUBG was first launche

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d using Microsoft Windows through Steam’s software. Each application software has their own output so it takes time for PUBG to launch into different platforms. Then, the next step occurred in the PUBG HQ.  PUBG was  launched in the trial phase in March 2017 and launched in full on the date of December 2017. Consequently, the game has set a new record. There were around 800,000+ players at the same time on August 26, 2017 on the Steam platform. This figure beats the record number of Dota 2 players and record in games. Nowadays, PUBG has versions available in Xbox, mobile and Playstation4 which were launched in 2018.

PUBG Effects To Children 

According to some experts, the PUBG game has a pretty bad effect on children. For instance, children can be more prone to be violent. PUBG is also considered to be able to destroy households. PUBG games also disrespected Islam which when played “live” can also discredit Islamic symbols. Therefore, in an effort to avoid   the occurrence of undesirable things, some Islamic countries had discussed or agreed to ban this game. For instance in Aceh. “This has been through a long study. Therefore, it was decided to go to Aceh, the Aceh MPU stated that playing PUBG was illegal. The fatwa against playing PUBG was agreed to avoid unwanted things, “said Faisal, one of the spokesperson in Aceh. 

The Risks of PUBG or Shooting Games Online And Play Simultaneously 

This excessive addiction is better known as Gaming Disorder based on the WHO website, Gaming Disorder is defined in International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Modern days impact right. Those who face the problem will have a severe addiction to video games that have a negative impact on themselves, family, employment, education and society. The issues are listed in ICD-11 based on a survey of available evidence and reflect the consensus of experts from various disciplines as well as geographical regions involved in the technical consultation process conducted by WHO.


Play The Game For A Long Time Until You Forget The Pain.

Online slot machines malaysiaHowever, playing games is not always a bad thing. According to a study conducted by the American Pain Society, games can reduce pain due to surgical procedures or chronic illnesses. Moreover, those who received burn wound treatment reported these patients felt less pain by 30% to 50% when playing games. One of the main reasons for this quick relief is because the activity of playing games releases a hormone called an endorphin to the brain which is a chemical compound that is always associated with a sense of joy and reduces feelings of discomfort.


In Conclusion 

In a nutshell, play all the games that your heart desires like PUBG or Mobile Legends or even online slot machines Malaysia