Web Hosting as an Important Feature on the Internet.

What happens when you visit a website? Well, you use an internet browser of your choosing, right? You then input the correct URL and after pressing the Enter key, you should be directed to the webpage of your choice.

Well, for you to access that website, it has to be hosted on a web server- a powerful computer with a large hard drive that is able to accommodate the website’s elements that are housed on it.

You can think of your website as your belongings and the web server as a house for rent. When you go to a top web hosting companies– one that owns many web servers that you can use- you’re basically paying them to “rent” a small digital space for you to establish your website on.

When you pay your provider, you will then be given your very own domain- basically your “room number” so to speak. Whenever someone inputs your website’s address because they look for you on the internet, then they will be redirected to you almost immediately.

Now that you know how important a web hosting service is to your website, I am now going to tell you the different types of web hosting solutions out there.

Shared Hosting

You can think of shared hosting as if you’re renting a small space in a really big condominium. Basically, your website is in a single web server and since there are a couple of websites in the same server as you, you are going to have to share resources with them. This includes storage space, bandwidth, and a host of other things.

This is the cheapest type of hosting solution out there and it is something that the vast majority want to get. The major problems that you are going to face when you choose this web hosting option, however, are that your security may not be as good as other solutions and database and software support might not be that good.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is like buying your own space with mortgage payments made every month. Basically, you will have your own server and your domain is yours alone. What the web hosting provider will do is to just maintain the server for you and sometimes, they may even provide free services to your website as well.

This is the most secure and reliable option with the only downside being that it is too expensive for the common user. That is why this type of web hosting service is only acquired by large companies.

Root Server Hosting

Root server hosting is pretty much the same as dedicated hosting, with the only difference being that you will be the one to manage the server yourself. You basically buy a web server from your hosting provider and you will have complete control of it.

Colocation Web Hosting

This is again similar to dedicated hosting, but the web servers are placed in a very secure location. You do have the option to have the service provider manage your web server and website if you desire.