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Allow me to be the one to bring you up to speed for those of you who have been living under a rock. Money does not only exist in the form of paper that we see in our wallets anymore in this industrialised society. Furthermore, the ways in which humans can use money have evolved over time. It all started with the barter system back in the day, when Uncle Sam had to trek 5 miles and cross a raging river teeming with crocodiles just to get a pack of chicken from Aunt Sarah in the next village over. From there, merchants began to use gold, silver, and bronze coins as cash in their transactions. Fast forward to the present day, and it has evolved into the paper money that we use today. We may now use systems like e-wallets, also known as electronic wallets, to make bank transactions and withdraw cash from ATMs whenever we need it.

However, cryptocurrencies, which are used by people all across the world, are currently the most sought after. As wonderful as this sounds, we must remember that no matter how wonderful something is, it will always have drawbacks. The following are some of the drawbacks of cryptocurrencies.

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First and foremost, let’s discuss transaction speed. Although transactions done with cryptocurrencies are comparable to those made with money in our bank accounts, one difference is speed. Despite the benefits of utilising cryptocurrency, it is not as rapid or efficient as using Visa or MasterCard. This is due to the constantly expanding quantity of digital coins in the world of bitcoin; as a result, the time required to process digital coins takes longer than ordinary transactions.


Another disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is that it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It’s more difficult to track cryptocurrencies because they only operate and exist online and virtually. As a result, criminals such as hackers have the perfect opportunity to undermine the security mechanisms in place, potentially causing you to lose all of your saved currencies.


The lack of regulation is another problem to be concerned about. Cryptocurrencies, as previously stated, are vulnerable to security breaches and are difficult to track. If you are robbed of your bitcoin, you will be unable to report the incident to anyone because cryptocurrency is based on a decentralised system. There is no controlling authority, thus there is no one to examine what is good or wrong. You have no choice except to deal with the problem yourself.

Now, I’m not saying that cryptocurrency doesn’t have any advantages or that it’s all awful. No, because everything has its own set of disadvantages and benefits. It is up to us to determine and clarified information before we decide to dabble in it. So, if you’re interested in dabbling in cryptocurrency, I highly advise you to check out the real time crypto news right here.