You know how casinos work, right? They offer plenty of games that would entice people to spend some money and have some fun. Of course, there are some people that would spend more money than others, but that is basically the premise of casinos. Even some online casinos in Malaysia allow that to happen because that is just the very nature of gambling institutions.

With that said, you’ve probably heard of the Martingale Betting System. Well, since the system was created, it basically helped double (or even tripled) the wages before they are all lost. That is pretty much how every wagering system used on some on the game of chance where the casino ultimately has the edge of the players.

You play and then you win a couple of games. That is good because that means that you are going to win some money, right? Although that is true, most people who win rarely stop playing. They would ride it out and see where their luck leads them.

And, in the circumstance where they will lose a couple of games in succession, your money will ultimately flow in the casino’s coffers no matter what rate the house edge you’re playing against is.

The Martingale Betting System, if you really boil it down to its core, is actually pretty easy to understand. All you really need to do would be to make an initial wager and if you lose, you would add another wager, thereby doubling the amount of your bet.

Once you lose again, you will double your wager again. This is repeated a couple of times until lady luck has smiled upon you- allowing you to win a game or two. From then on, you will have gathered the money that you’ve betted on the game. In other words, you really didn’t earn anything; you just came back to the money that you had prior to playing. Take note that this system is a betting system and it is not, in any means, a money management scheme.

The people who have tried the Martingale System achieved some relative success with it. If they win a number of games across many sessions, then they will swear that the system is foolproof. But, as you already know, the system will make a fool out of anyone who tries it.

One of the many popular implementations of this system would be if the player were to bet black or red at the roulette. When the player does use this system, then you could see games that would last for almost the entire night.

If you were to use the standard American Roulette wheel where the zeroes and double zeroes pockets money, you are going to start with 18-20 bucking odds, which means that that is your percentage chance of getting the right color.

By using simple arithmetic, that would mean that the house edge would be set at 5.26%. Where am I going with this? This just means that a non-winning streak is actually more likely (or equivalent to) a streak of wins as well.