1. Weight

Some people love heavy watches, others aim for something light. On more expensive timepieces,
you see materials like titanium which is lighter compared to steel. However, in the price
department, weight is seen as a sign of good quality. Feel the watch case’s weight, and see to it
that it is substantial enough to justify the investment.

2. Great dial illumination

When looking for men’s watches in Malaysia, many collectors go for those that illuminate in the
dark. Well, not all timepieces are expected to illuminate for low light viewing–these are usually
the more formal and classic watches.

3. Consistent pricing

Do you want to buy a watch from an authorized dealer or unauthorized one? If the authorized
store is selling it for $500, yet the unauthorized ones are offering it for only $350, then clearly,
there is something wrong with its value. This is what you call inconsistent pricing. Always look
for consistency among reputable retailers.

4. Japanese movement or Swiss movement

Switzerland is recognized for making the highest quality watch movements. We all know that.
Apart from Switzerland, Japan also produces efficient movements. Japanese watch movements
usually come from Casio, Citizen and Seiko. While these countries are not the only ones that
manufacture movements, try to get products from these regions. That is, if you want to get the
best mechanical watches.

5. Reputable watchmakers

The best timepieces are manufactured and designed based on principles that define form and
function. There are tons of alternatives out there that appear nice, but have vestigial, superfluous
design cues. Don’t fall for a poorly-designed timepiece that doesn’t function well.

6. Solid construction

You would want to own a watch that is solid and well put together. One of the first things you
should check is the watch strap and bracelet. There must be little no room for wiggles. Assess
how the timepiece on your wrist fits.