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So far we could say that everything is normal and within the logical evolution that the internet and its uses are assumed to be. But in the report, other data is very interesting as well. The first of these is how high-speed connections are affecting the video game industry. New online game modes and how they exploit sections such as social have contributed to the increase in income from the sale of video games. But not only the income, but also the benefits thanks to the distribution in a digital format with application stores such as PlayStation Store, Google Play Store or the App Store among other stores. Now that Time internet Malaysia offers the best results here, using the same is of the best profit.


Time internet MalaysiaThe Rapid Increase

Thus, if in 2014 it reaches 17.8 billion euros, by 2018 it is expected to grow to 27.7 billion euros. That’s for the global console market, both desktop and portable. If we go to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, we see that from the 12.8 billion in 2014 it will rise to 22.9 billion in 2018. Figures that are dizzying but demonstrate the great opportunity that opens up before us.

  • The online content business is generating numerous jobs and making everything go round and round. Because having a super broadband connection is, as I said, key for everyone involved.
  • Companies can offer streaming services or better experiences thanks to their greater capacity to send content in ultra-high definition or large volumes of data.

Users for their part demand faster connections because they want to have the best experience, avoid long loading times and because connecting to the internet is no longer a matter of one. Now while we play the console, someone watches a movie in the living room or watches videos of cooking recipes on YouTube.

And finally, for operators, this demand for faster connections allows them to gain users and obtain investment for new infrastructures with which to improve the service of their customers.

The Importance Of A Good Internet Connection

The first time we connected to the Internet it was thanks to a 14.4K modem with which the noise was higher than the speed capable of reaching. Still, a world full of possibilities opened up before me. Today, almost fourteen years later, a 30MB ADLS / VDSL or Fiber connection seems to be the normal and minimum that everyone should have.