In this modern time, the internet has become one of our daily necessities. Be it for communication, gaming, sharing videos, relaxation and for education purposes, the internet assimilated with us on many different levels. In spite of the internet’s vivid progress, have you ever wondered how the internet became huge as it is today? 

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It might be shocking to learn that the internet was created more than 50 years ago in the United States during the cold war after the launch of a satellite named Sputnik. Leonard Kleinrock has been credited with the initial idea of the internet in his published paper “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” in the month of May, 1961. The Internet we utilize today was first developed in California in the 1960s and it was announced in public on July 3, 1969 via a press release by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).   

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The creation of the internet has brought further development through the World Wide Web (WWW) invented by Tim Berners-Lee. World wide web is an information system on the internet that serves to enable document sharing using hypertext links. This system allows people to search for information from one document to the other. Berners-Lee is the major contributor of the world wide web as he created and founded the system. Berners-Lee mentioned that during his days the navigation of computers and the internet were relatively hard to steer. Hence, Tim created the solution by inventing HTML: HyperText Markup Language, URI: Uniform Resource Identifier, and HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Thanks to Tim, billions of people are able to use the internet function smoothly and efficiently.    


Future Direction of Internet in Malaysia

The internet usage in Malaysia first began in the year 1995 which was over 27 years ago. Now, in 2022 there are more people using the internet than there were before back when it was first introduced in our country. A statistic illustrates that in 2020, around 28.4 million people were accessing the internet in Malaysia. The numbers are projected to increase in the upcoming years and are expected to hit 30 million by 2025.Gadgets such as smartphones, tabs, and pcs make it easy for everyday people to access the internet through their gadgets. The market needs of the internet is ever growing worldwide as well as in our country especially during this pandemic time. Work From Home (WFH) and Online Distance Learning (ODL) has ramp-up the needs for internet connection as more people and students are working and learning from the comfort of their home space. Therefore, the internet’s role evolves from a place of information sharing to the medium of working, communicating and learning dimension. View more at Jom Apply Unifi for a better performing productive days with less trouble, hassle and hindrance. The importance of the internet increases day by day as new functions are created everyday by developers which open to more opportunities, benefits and possibilities. The creation of the internet has brought massive appreciation for technological advancement in our world.