1. Type (Digital or Analog)

Are you looking for watches for women in Malaysia? Well, you’ll never run out of choices. One
of the things you need to think about is whether you want to settle for an analog watch or a
digital one. Analog timepieces has an old-fashioned, classic look. Digital watches, on the other
hand, have huge numbers on its face, displaying time exactly like smartphones do.

2. Style

Of course, your new watch should look amazing on your wrist. Watches come in all sizes and
shapes. You just need to know that specific features you are looking for. When you are planning
to wear the watch? Consider a luxury watch if you frequently attend upscale events. If not, go for
a casual one–something you can wear every single day.

3. Features

Do you need more than just a piece that tells the time? How much more do you need, then? A
sports watch comes with a stopwatch and timer. Some models also has a GPS, multiple alarms
and speed calculator.

4. Brand

Some people prefer getting a watch solely for style reasons. Are you one of them? Brand matters
a lot in this aspect. Of course, an affordable Rolex has more appeal compared to a top-of-the-line
Timex timepiece.

5. Dial Style and Size

Not all beginners are familiar with different watch dial designs. This refers to the case and the
outside of the watch’s face. Make sure to choose a dial size that perfectly matches your own
wrist. If you have a small wrist, choose a dial with a small diameter and height. Consequently, if
your wrists are thick, select a taller case and bigger face.

6. Material

Below are the most common materials for the case and band:

  • leather (just for the band)
  • canvas
  • gold
  • plastic
  • titanium
  • silver

Plastic and canvas timepieces appear cheaper, but are more useful and durable on the outside.