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Have you ever wondered what type of games there are? There are so many types of games as well as so much to play. There are consoles, PC’s, Online, Mobile games and so much more. So how do we gauge which is what and what is fun to you? Of course you are able to like and love to play a few types of games but at least you are able to differentiate what you like and are able to easily choose which games to start and which not need to.


Today we will go through some of the games that are available to play and some that are fun and enjoyable to each category. From there you are able to gauge and maybe play together.

Slot casino malaysia


Consoles are games that run on some purpose built machines which purpose is to be gamed on. Xbox from Microsoft. Play Stations from Sony are two most well known machines to play on. Portable machines are also available like Nintendo Switch as well as the upcoming Steam Deck are also good machines to play with if you would like to make your games portable to play everywhere you go. Games that are fun on machines like these are Forza Horizon. If you play games like this it is best to have accessories like steering wheel and pedals. You are able to have a full immersive experience. Other games from consoles like Call of Duty and other third person shooter games like Tom Clancy’s Division 2 are also fun third person.



Game ready PC or laptop are another type of machine to play games and are more on the Esports events. There are a lot of types of games to play on PC. If you would like to use a controller you can, Mouse and Keyboard you can too. Even if you want to play games like simulators you can buy separate accessories to be able to play those games. I myself am a PC gamer which is more versatile and fun in my opinion. Games that are fun on PC to list a few are Apex Legends, a fast paced first person shooter game. If you are into the Simulator games then F1 2022 or Assetto Corsa if fun but if you’re into the Jets then Flight X Simulator or even DCS would be fun. There are many other games that are fun in the PC world. Many to choose from.



If you are into slot games and casino type games there is a place for you as well! Slot casino Malaysia games for example are like My Slot King. A fun and safe way to play games that are also money related enabling yourself to earn some while also having fun at the same time. So if you are into those games then you can try it online. It is available to be played online as long as you follow the steps to sign up for an account and you can start playing!


Mobile Games

Nowadays with our phones being such powerful devices we can play a lot of fast paced games. Even Apex Legends, originally a PC game, is now also available in Mobile. You are also able to play RPG games and strategic games like WarPath or Mobile Legends and more all on your smart devices.


There are a lot of games to play depending on which method or source it is from. But they are all fun games. It is only which type of games you would like to play more of. If you know what kind of games you like, then you’re able to identify and be in the community that you want to be in. Keep working and of course in your free time keep calm and play on!

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