To create a blog in Malaysia, there are a lot of process to take, rules to follow, tips to guide, even do’s and don’ts of blogging. In terms of blogging, you should know the basic strategies of designing, applying themes, choosing colors, and important things to do.

1. Do make a blog that is significant to you

2. Do set yourself a few objectives and goals for your blog

3. Do ‘compose’ something consistently

4. Do as much as you can to get in your perusers shoes and comprehend their identity

5. Do use reviews and surveys to enable you to comprehend your peruser

6. Do make content that addresses your readers’ issues, responds to their inquiries, and takes care of their issues

7. Do write in a connecting with voice

8. Do begin an email pamphlet

9. Do focus on the plan of your blog – early introductions check!

10. Do convey plainly what your blog is about into your structure

11. Do invest energy ‘off’ your blog taking part in the spots where your potential perusers assemble

12. Do go to the exertion of enrolling your own area

13. Do make visual content

14. Do model the sort of network that you need your blog to have

15. Do introduce examination and track the consequences of what you do

16. Do discover some blogging pals who you can bob thoughts off and have common help with

17. Do ensure you have ‘reality’ companions as well – they’ll ground you

18. Do become hyper-mindful of issues (yours and other people’s), and fixated on fathoming them

19. Do make something to sell from your blog

20. Do think past what you’ll compose today – build up an article schedule

21. Do put aside time to become familiar with the aptitudes you need

22. Do put aside time to conceptualize themes to expound on

23. Do read other individuals’ web journals – you’ll gain so much from them

24. Do offer your feelings – it is the thing that regularly separates you

25. Do offer stories – your own and other individuals’

26. Do backup your blog!

27. Do blog with energy

28. Do search for ‘win/win/win’ associations with brands where you, the brand and your peruser advantage

29. Do demonstrate your character – act naturally

30. Do focus on what is empowering you and accomplish a greater amount of it

31. Do focus on what is empowering your perusers and accomplish a greater amount of it

32. Do invest energy refining and consummating post features

33. Do consider what ‘activity’ you’re calling perusers to take in your substance

34. Do make harmony with the way that there will consistently be more that you can do

35. Do figure out how to organize and center upon exercises that take you closer to your objectives

36. Do focus on your chronicles – update and advance them consistently

37. Do push through bloggers square

38. Do invest energy investigating what sorts of substance are being ‘shared’ in your specialty – distribute this sort of substance semi-normally

39. Do utilize social evidence

40. Do take parts from blogging – ends of the week and get-aways are significant!

41. Do ask your perusers a ton of inquiries and tune in to what they state

42. Do treat your blog as a business today… in the event that you need it to be one tomorrow

43. Do make content that Informs, Inspires and Interacts