Whether you invest in any asset, stock or cryptocurrency, it would be unwise to single one out.

Although it has been over ten years since Bitcoin was released, we are still in the fairly early days for the virtual currency market as a whole. Why do you say that? Ask your friends around you how many of them know and hold bitcoin and get a feel for it. Over 20 years ago, when most people clicked on the first web page of their lives, if you told them that someday in the future, computers could be small enough to carry in your pocket and you could use them to fall in love, buy, listen to and play games, people would think you were crazy.

The first thing to look at when we measure the promise of any new technology is how big a problem it solves. Cryptocurrencies are solving a problem on the order of a trillion dollars, whereas some time ago the entire market cap of all the coins of cryptocurrencies combined only just crossed $0.5 trillion. So we are now just a fraction of what we will be, and even if you just got on board today, you’ve already beaten 90% of the world’s human population. However, if you want to keep winning, you need to invest in coins that solve problems, and this is where scam prevention and pit avoidance is important. That’s why I spend a lot of time researching and analyzing the problem itself, rather than looking at charts and reading K-lines. If you only care about speculating in the short term, there are many gods of short term investing, find someone else, my articles are not for you, I just want to be steadily happy.

There are many exchanges in this market, certain coins are only live on individual unregulated exchanges, liquidity is particularly low and you may be able to smash a 100% increase for $1000. At this point, it should be considered that returns are the most important thing, safety is.

Whether a currency is good or bad depends largely on which of these two forces dominates in the long run. The stronger the former, the stronger and more reliable the monetary system; the greater the influence of the latter, the more malignant the monetary system. As for governments, whether they are giving value to a currency or taking value away from it most of the time is a question worth considering more than credit backing. The value of cryptocurrencies such as dogemama token, like any other currency, is undoubtedly backed by all the people who are willing to trade what they have for it. 

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