1. Brainstorm a profitable free online business idea.

Your online business idea that you love, and at the same time has a big chance of being profitable online. Establish a business that you are passionate about. As much as possible, start a business that requires the skills you already have. List down all of your ideas.

2. Identify the demand for your ideas.

While passion and interest are crucial, you also need to pick a business idea that appeals to a certain market. If no one would love your offerings, then no matter how much you market it, it wouldn’t click. Make sure to do comprehensive research on the matter, including keyword research.

3. Set up your web presence.

There are several free resources out there where you can create a free online shop. Choose your platform well. This would also depend highly on the kind of product or service that you are selling.

4. Create your website.

Once you have figured out what platform you will utilize for your free online business, it’s time to start building web pages. In Amazon, Etsy and eBay, you need to create a profile that perfectly fits your business. The next step? Add product images and descriptions of your offerings.

5. Monetize your website.

Did you just signed up on a Lazada affiliate program in Malaysia? That is a great idea, but keep in mind that success online comes in multiple revenue streams. Explore other affiliate programs and ecommerce websites. Offer and promote more promising products and services. Eventually, you can also create your own ecommerce platform, giving you more control of your brand and business.

6. Promote and manage your online business well.

Having an online presence doesn’t mean that customers would come to you regularly. You are competing with thousands upon thousands of other business. Come up with a strategy that will help you set yourself apart from the rest.