1. Check the hardware.

Do you know that watch straps are sold in stores without their buckles? Don’t forget to check listings before finalizing your purchase. You wouldn’t want to end up purchasing a strap, only to find out that the buckle is not included. If possible, you can also replace its standard buckle with a style that matches your case.

2. Buy the correct material.

Again, double check listings for information as to what kind of material the strap is built from. If it’s not included, reach out to the retailer, and inquire about it. Some retailers would emboss or stamp crocodile patterns on calf leather to make it appear like a legitimate crocodile watch strap. For those who are in the market for top-quality leather, browse forums for companies with good reputation.

3. Get the right size.

Measure the width between the watch lugs to ensure that you are purchasing the correct watch strap. The watch lug is where the strap attaches. If the strap is too big, it won’t fit you perfectly. A small strap would deliver an annoying gap and shifting motion in your wrist. You can measure this using a simple ruler.

4. Get the correct length.

Are you looking for watches for women in Malaysia? Most straps in the market come in its standard length in order to fit more wrists. If your own wrists are too small or big, you may want to personally request for a longer or shorter one. Measure your wrist thoroughly with a tape measure.

5. Get the correct tools.

Watch straps can be removed using a spring bar tool. This makes it easier for you to remove your old strap off, and then put on the new one. If you want, you can also utilize a small knife or screwdriver.