In every large company, there is always a Chief Financial Officer who is said to be responsible for reporting important financial metrics to the owner/s of the company.

That being said, in order for the CFO to have something to present to them, there should be accountants that will do all of the hard work.

Without proper accounting, the company is going to operate in the dark in the sense that they are unable to plan for their taxes, unable to pay accurately, and so on.

That is why it is important for a company to get some accounting services. Typically, you would go to a local firm and hire some accountants from there, but that might not be something that all business owners would like to do, given that it could possibly be much more expensive than previously anticipated.

Some business owners would rely on outsourced bookkeeping services in Malaysia because they have a proven track record and they are able to provide top-notch accounting services not normally seen anywhere.

If you are going for the latter route, I just want to highlight some qualities that not every outsourced bookkeeping service shares so that you will be aware of.


If you are going to outsource all of your company’s accounting operations, make sure to get a firm that is known for its reliability. You will be appalled to know that not all of the firms share this trait, though, so it is best that you do your research prior to getting the service.

Industry Insight

In your attempt to save money on accounting services, you might go for the cheapest outsourced accounting service firm you could find. However, this may not bode well for you, given that these firms usually do not have the industry insight necessary for you to create accurate and reliable financial records.


The accountant that you are going to hire should first come with a license. This is to ensure that they know exactly what needs to be done when giving out such services.

Second, they must have some experience under their belt as well, since companies would always rely on accurate financial data to be able to operate effectively.


Small accounting firms that are usually outsourced tend to have poor company oversight. This means that they might take on new and more projects without considering the ones that they already have.

This may result in them handing out poor services and they may even fail to comply with what you require of them. Company oversight should always be there to ensure that they will be able to handle what is required of them.

Standardized Processes

Even if you think of outsourcing all of your bookkeeping services, the accounting firm that you’re going to get should always operate within standardized processes to ensure that quality remains the same across the board.

Checks and Balances

When you rely on internal accountants, there is a chance of corporate fraud. That is why some business owners would outsource their accounting services to avoid this.

Most of the accounting service firms out there know things about checks and balances so that you are assured that corporate fraud- albeit may still exist- is set at the minimum.

Privacy Protection

Accountants will be able to see sensitive information about the company. Whenever you are going to get accounting services (whether local or outsourced), make sure that they adhere to the strictest policy of privacy protection to ensure that your company’s financial records remain confidential, unless otherwise noted.