Did you know that a lot of Singaporeans actually visit Malaysia’s capital city? That is
because there are so many great things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur that even
neighboring Southeast Asian countries want to take part of it.

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I understand that most tourists do not have a lot of time to spend gallivanting the city so
I will provide you with some key information that will help you do the thing that warrants
your time and money.

Here are some of the incredible things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Experience the Darkness

Have you ever thought about what it’s like if your sense of sight is taken from you
somehow? Well, if you want to know the struggles of being a blind person, go to
Dialogue in the Dark.

It is a social enterprise that was licensed by the Dialogue Social Enterprise in Germany.
Its aim is to promote a deeper level of understanding for people who cannot see by
giving others a chance to become temporarily blind for a short period of time.

You will be placed in a completely pitch-black room and the only thing that is guiding
you is the voice of one of the staff.

Although you can go inside alone, I suggest that you go with a group so that you won’t
go crazy.

Despite the fact that the experience might be too scary on paper, it is actually not. If
anything, it is actually exciting. Not only that but after you’ve completed the course, you
will have a much better understanding of the struggles of being blind.

Sample Malaysian Foods at Lot 10 Hutong

Jalan Alor is the place to be if you want to experience Malaysia’s famous street eats but
if you do not have the time, a great alternative would be to dine in the Lot 10 Hutong
Food Court instead.

Located inside the Lot 10 Mall, this special food court actually houses some of the most
popular hawker food stalls that are scattered all over Kuala Lumpur. So, if you only have
a limited time in Malaysia but you still want to sample some of their amazing street
foods, this is the place to be.

Simple Living in the Bamboo Village

We live in a hectic, claustrophobic world where we are usually confined in tight spaces
inside modern buildings.

If you want to take a step back from modernization, head on over to the bamboo village
to experience a much simpler life.

Laugh Your As* Off

They say that laughter is the best medicine and if you want to laugh your behind off, I
suggest that you go to the Crackhouse Comedy Club. Just make sure that you are
above the age of 18 since the nature of the jokes is mostly sexual.

Open Sky Unlimited

Exploring the vastness of Malaysia’s outdoor scenes can take you a lot of time,
especially if you do not really know where to go to.

Fortunately, you can go to Open Sky Unlimited as they provide you with certain guided
tour packages you can choose from.